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I have Tek-Dek installed in the cockpit of my Moody 36 and very good it is too! Can I use Tek-Dek Interior for the whole cabin sole? Is it stuck to existing boards? How thick is it?

Trevor Lowe - Eastbourne

Yes, Tek-Dek Interior is an excellent choice for your cabin sole providing it is fully under cover. It is designed for interior use only and as such will not tolerate very wet conditions. It can be adhered directly to your current boards as long as they are smooth and sound. Tek -Dek interior is 2mm thick and comes in 3' long planks either 51mm or 102mm wide as standard, however should you require boards of a different width, this can be catered for.

Does Tek-Dek Flexible hold up to pressure washing ?

James Thompson - OBAN

Yes. The internationally reknown Flexible decking can withstand regular pressure washing.

Can I use Tek-Dek below decks on a 50ftsq cabin sole? Can we install it ourselves? I assume it is flexible enough to conform to bilg areas?

DeGrasse Marine - Islesboro, Maine USA

Yes Tek-Dek is ideal for use below decks. First class results can be achieved by the DIY enthusiast by paying attention to detail and not rushing the project. Tek-Dek is flexible enough to deal with any dips and runs with ease.

What is the weight comparison or Tek-Dek to natural teak? Also, does Tek-Dek get hot like natural teak does?

Jim Twyman - Santa Fe NM USA

Tek-Dek Flexible is slightly heavier than the same thickness teak deck. Tek-Dek weights around 6Kg per Sq meter - similar to a 9mm teak deck. Tek-Dek has comparable heat retention to that of teak, however we are working on a sand colour especially designed to deflect the heat in hotter climates.

Is Tek-Dek suitable for fitting to wooden locker covers?

Peter White - Peterborough

Yes, Tek-Dek is suitable for any job of that nature. The wood must however be sound and rot free. Areas that are not should be removed and filled with body filler and faired before the Tek-Dek is installed.

My old steel boat deck has had bitumen paint applied long ago. It would be impossible to remove it all, so would the Tek-Dek adhesive react with it?

Keith Broley - Lechlade

It is very unlikely that the single part MS-Polymer based polyurethane adhesive will react with your old deck paint. However we would suggest that you try a small test area just to be certain.

I have just had Tek-Dek fitted to my Westerly Discus cockpit. What products should I use to keep it clean and well maintained?

John Willis - Guernsey

Tek-Dek is a maintenance free decking product. Marks can be cleaned off using hot soapy water or by jet-washer. Gouges or scratches can be removed by light sanding with 40 grit sandpaper.

What is Tek-Dek made of, is there any wood in its construction?

Mr. O'Connell - Telford

NO, there is no wood content in Tek-Dek Flexible. It is made of High Grade P.V.C and contains quality pigments and U.V. stabilisers, ensuring it keeps its good appearance for decades.

Is Tek-Dek made in the UK?

Mr. J Fisher - Rugby

Yes, unlike most of Tek-Dek's competitors, this product is 100% U.K. based. Not only in its manufacture, but in its design, storage and distribution.

I have a Fairline 32 and want several areas replaced with Tek-Dek. What is the most cost effective way of doing this as I am working on a budget?

John Woodger - Co. Cork

The cheapest way to a great new Tek-Dek is for you to send us paper templates of the sections you require replacing. We will make these up at our factory in Hampshire and then have them delivered to you - anywhere in the world, together with all the adhesives and sundries required for you to make the final installation yourself.

I have a Beneteau sailboat and am interested in installing Tek-Dek myself. Do you have any forums or training days I can attend to learn how to fit it?

Pete - Portsmouth

This is an area we are looking into at the moment - with a view to start some training courses. In the meantime we do have a DVD on sale that shows a boat being fully installed in detail from start to finish.

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