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Tek-Dek International

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Tek-Dek Adhesives

Tek-Dek Bonding Adhesive is used to secure Tek-Dek to almost any surface including, wood, fibreglass, metal and concrete.

It is a single part polyurethane adhesive based on an MS-Polymer. It produces a tough flexible rubber like bond which is resistant to water, solvents and heat but allows the boat to flex naturally.

290ml Cartridge (0.48Kg)

Fits in to a standard mastic gun. Code: TD-5620 (black)

600ml Sausage (1.00Kg)

Fits in to a standard sausage gun. Code: TD-5621 (black) / TD-5624 (white)

Tek-Dek Solvent Adhesive (135g)

We stock TD-5612 Cold Weld Clear and TD-5612-B Cold Weld Black.

1.2kg of adhesive will lay approximately 1m2 of Tek-Dek.

Tek-Dek Bonding Adhesive should be applied using a Tek-Dek spreader (TD-5610) to a clean, dry, dust and grease free surface and the Tek-Dek placed on top before being firmly rolled in to place using a Tek-Dek roller (TD-5627).

It will take approximately 36 hours for the adhesive to dry depending on the atmospheric conditions at the time.

Product Code Description Price
Eur-1 2-K Professional adhesive (7.5Kg) (Mainland Europe only) £76.10
Eur-2 2-K Professional adhesive (16.3Kg) ( Mainland Europe only) £168.90
Eur-3 Solfix Interior Adhesive (10Kg) (mainland Europe only) £44.81
TD-5606 Professional Tek-Dek Cutters £40.00
TD-5607 3m / Scotch Blue Masking Tape 50m X 25mm roll £3.85
TD-5608 Craft knife. Accepts Stanley Blades £7.00
TD-5610 Adhesive Spreader £1.50
TD-5612 Tek-Dek Cold Weld Adhesive Clear (135ml) £8.00
TD-5612-B Tek-Dek Cold Weld Adhesive Black (135ml) £9.00
TD-5613 290ml Cartridge Black Fast Tack Caulk (0.46kg) £15.00
TD-5619 Tek-Dek Professional Craft knife £18.00
TD-5620 290ml Cartridge Black adhesive/caulk (0.46kg) £8.00
TD-5621 600ml Black Sausage Adhesive/Caulk (0.84kg) £12.00
TD-5624 600ml Sausage Adhesive/Caulk White (0.84kg) £12.00
TD-5626 Application Gun For TD-5621/5624 £19.95