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Tek-Dek Professional

Good quality teak is now impossible to find and its increasing price means that many production boats are fitted with teak veneer on plywood backing or 6mm solid battens. TEAK WILL WEAR OUT! TEAK WILL SPLIT! TEAK WILL STAIN! Every time it is scrubbed or cleaned a bit of your precious deck goes over the side. We are now seeing numerous decks that need replacing after only five years.

Glass fibre has freed boat builders from wooden construction. Composite decking is set to change the way we finish our exterior...

Tek-Dek Professional combines hardwood fibres and thermo-polymers into a unique formula creating an extrusion that is hard, colourfast and almost indistinguishable from quality teak. The hardness and dimensional stability allows the use of routers planes etc to produce decks that can have a high level of detail and precision.

Unlike many flexible systems, the rigidity of Tek-Dek Professional also means that deck fittings can be conveniently mounted through the deck without the chance of the material crushing. This feature also helps where the sub deck is uneven and can help even out some of the rise and falls.

Why Tek-Dek Professional?


  • Fades and turns to grey
  • Very sensitive to staining
  • Soft and easily damaged
  • Can split and warp
  • Will wear out
  • Expensive to maintain
  • Time consuming upkeep
  • Non-Sustainable


  • Fully Adhered
  • Resists stains*
  • Exceptionally hard
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Will not wear
  • Low maintenance
  • Trouble free
  • Recyclable

*Many stubborn and oil based stains are easily removed with our purpose designed spray on cleaner.

Tek-Dek Professional - Technical Drawings

Tek-Dek Technical Drawings
Product Code Description Price
TD-9231 31mm Professional Decking Strip Teak coloured. 2.25 meter length. £15.60
TD-9215 15mm X 30 mm Professional Solid section. Teak coloured. Per 1 Meter length. £15.20
TD-9245 45mm Professional Decking Strip Teak coloured. 2.25 meter length. £18.45
TD-9255 55mm Professional Decking Strip Teak coloured. 2.25 meter length. £23.86
TD-9280 80mm Professional Decking Strip Teak coloured. 2.25 meter length. £34.02
TD-9299 100mm X 40mm Professional Solid Section. Teak Coloured. Per linear Meter. £119.20
TD-92GUN Professional Gunnel Section. Per Linear Meter. £32.40
TD-9606 125mm Professional Decking Strip Teak coloured. 2.25 meter length. £38.88
TD7607-R 4.5mm X 4mm Rigid Top-Hat Section- Punched. 2.25 Meter. £4.10

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