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Tek-Dek International

Phone +44 (0)1420 588000

Tek-Dek Tools

We stock a selection of tools for both professional and DIY use. Everything required to create and install your Tek-Dek deck.

Tek-Dek toolsProfessional Tek-Dek Cutters

Code: TD-5606

Tek-Dek toolsSteel Ruler

300mm: TD-4017 // 600mm: TD-4018 // 900mm: TD-4019

Tek-Dek toolsBlade

250mm: TD-4010
300mm: TD-4011

Tek-Dek toolsScraper

1.5": TD-4013 // 2": TD-4014 // 3": TD-4105 // 4": TD-4016

Tek-Dek toolsFilling Spatula

50x150mm Spring Steel Blade: TD-4020

Tek-Dek toolsHoop And Loop Sanding Block

69x114mm: TD-4021

Tek-Dek toolsRespirator

Works for 28 days: TD-4023

Tek-Dek toolsSharpening Stone

200mm: TD-4022

Tek-Dek toolsLeister Hot Air Welder

Code: TD-5641

Tek-Dek toolsCraft Knife

Accepts Stanley Blades: TD-5608

Tek-Dek toolsProfessional Craft Knife

Accepts Stanley Blades: TD-5619

Tek-Dek toolsCurved Blade

Pack of 5 Blades: TD-5638
Heavy Duty Straight Blade: TD-5639

Tek-Dek toolsApplication Gun

To Apply Sausage Adhesive: TD-5626

Tek-Dek toolsProfessional Extendible Roller

Code: TD-5627

Tek-Dek toolsSpreader

Code: TD-5610

Tek-Dek toolsPrecision Router

Code: TD-4026

Tek-Dek toolsFinger Sander

Code: TD-4027